Qualcomm S5 and S3 Gen 3 Sound Platforms announced

Qualcomm has introduced two new cutting-edge sound platforms: the Qualcomm S3 Gen 3 and Qualcomm S5 Gen 3 Sound platforms. These platforms bring advanced sound experiences to devices.

Qualcomm S3 Gen 3 Sound platform

The Qualcomm S3 Gen 3 Sound platform is for mid-tier devices. It supports various third-party solutions through the Qualcomm Voice & Music Extension Program.

These solutions enhance sound quality, including features like hearing enhancement and spatial audio. This platform offers flexibility to device makers, helping them create products with rich sound experiences.

The platform supports Snapdragon Sound with aptX Lossless 24-bit 48kHz music streaming, bringing high-quality audio to mid-tier devices. It integrates Bluetooth 5.4 for better connectivity and supports LE Audio.

Qualcomm S5 Gen 3 Sound Platform

The Qualcomm S5 Gen 3 Sound Platform targets premium devices. It boasts three times more compute power and 50 times more AI power than its predecessor. This enables seamless sound experiences tailored to different environments.

With more memory and processing power, the platform enhances various use cases like music listening and gaming. It includes premium audio technologies such as Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation and Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite for superior sound quality.

The platform supports Snapdragon Sound with aptX Lossless for high-quality music streaming and integrates Bluetooth 5.4 for advanced connectivity. It also enables LE Audio and Auracast broadcast audio capability for immersive experiences.

Qualcomm Voice & Music Extension Program

This program connects solution providers with OEMs to enhance audio features. It encourages developers to create innovative solutions for Bluetooth Audio SoCs, benefiting OEMs with unique features and superior solutions.

Speaking about the new Sound Platforms, Dino Bekis, Vice President and General Manager, Wearables and Mixed Signals Solutions at Qualcomm Technologies, said:

Across our portfolio, our commitment remains unwavering: to enhance the sound experience at every level – from ultra-premium with S7, to premium with S5, and mid-tier for S3. We’re excited to unveil our latest innovations, the powerful Qualcomm S5 and S3 Sound platforms, poised to spearhead a new era of audio excellence.

Today’s consumers seek richer features and immersive experiences at more accessible price points. Through the Qualcomm Voice & Music Extension Program, OEMs gain a significant competitive edge, leveraging cutting-edge audio technologies to differentiate their offerings.

In the premium tier, the Qualcomm S5 Gen 3 Sound Platform’s enhanced architecture and increased AI capabilities empower OEMs to create intelligent devices. These devices not only adapt to the user’s activities but also intelligently monitor their surroundings, ushering in a new level of responsiveness and functionality.