Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 could feature a bigger battery than its predecessor

The upcoming Galaxy Z Flip6 could have a larger battery than the Flip5, possibly around 4,000mAh, matching the Samsung Galaxy S24, according to a report by GalaxyClub.

The report mentions the possibility of the Flip6 featuring two batteries, with capacities of 1097mAh and 2790mAh, totaling 3887mAh. Comparing to the Galaxy S24’s 3880mAh rated capacity, the Flip6 might be advertised with a 4000mAh capacity.

In contrast, the current Galaxy Z Flip5 has a total advertised capacity of 3700mAh from its 971mAh and 2620mAh units. It remains uncertain if the Galaxy Z Fold6 will receive a similar battery upgrade. However, the Flip6 is expected to outlast the Flip5 on a single charge.

Rumors also indicate improvements in display, camera, and AI features for the Galaxy Z Flip6. The leak suggests a wider aspect ratio, a 50MP camera, and new AI capabilities, aligning it with the Galaxy S24 series.

The Galaxy Z Flip6 and Fold6 are expected to launch around August, according to the leaks, but details on potential cost reductions and bezel-related tech changes remain speculative.