Samsung’s next foldables could be cheaper with new tech for bezels: Report

According to a report by TheElec, Samsung Display is exploring a new method for making the bezels of its foldable OLED panels this year.

Instead of the previous micro dry process decoration (MDD) from supplier Segyung Hitech, Samsung Display is considering using inkjet printing for the bezels on the upcoming foldable phones.

Inkjet printing allows for the creation of longer initial films compared to MDD. This longer film can be cut into more bezels, potentially reducing production costs.

Samsung Display has been under pressure from Samsung to lower the cost of manufacturing foldable OLED panels, and this change in bezel production might contribute to that goal.

The bezels on OLED panels serve the purpose of concealing internal circuits and components. These bezel films are applied after encapsulating the panels in thin films for protection against oxygen and water. Following the attachment of bezels, ultra-thin glasses are laminated onto the panels to complete the production process.

While it remains uncertain if there will be noticeable differences in the final product, the shift to inkjet printing could lead to cost savings, possibly impacting the pricing of the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6 expected to launch later this year.