Opera One AI-powered browser for iOS announced

Opera plans to offer iPhone users an AI-powered alternative to Safari, taking advantage of Apple’s decision to allow competition among browsers on iOS under the European Digital Markets Act (DMA).

AI-centric Opera One for iOS

This move provides Opera with an opportunity to innovate and deliver a unique AI-centric browsing experience for iPhone and iPad users. The new browser, complying with the DMA from March 2024, will be introduced in the coming months.

Opera has been active in browser AI since early 2023, introducing Aria browser AI to its products and redesigning its flagship desktop browser as the AI-centric Opera One. In 2024, Opera aims to further enhance this innovation.

The EU DMA opening up is a positive development, and Opera encourages Apple to extend these freedoms to iOS users globally. Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera, is excited about the new possibilities for alternative browser engines and praises Apple’s move towards increased interoperability with iPhone and iOS features.

Opera looks forward to showcasing the new Opera One for iOS, focusing on AI. Additionally, Opera will soon announce a major investment in a key AI infrastructure project in Europe to support the development of the new browser.

Announcing the Opera One for iOS, Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera, said:

As the foremost European browser developer, we welcome the shifts brought about by the DMA, which seek to promote competition and provide iOS users with a broader range of browser options. Our commitment to this vision is reflected in the upcoming release of the AI-centric Opera One for iOS.

Additionally, we are pleased to note that Apple will be introducing a browser choice screen for iOS, simplifying the process for users to set their preferred browser as the default on their mobile devices.