YouTube unveils Dream Track for Shorts and Music AI tools powered by Google DeepMind

YouTube has shared a glimpse into its first AI music experiments, featuring a Dream Track for Shorts and Music AI tools developed in collaboration with Google DeepMind.

YouTube Dream Track for Shorts

In YouTube Shorts, experience the Dream Track powered by Google DeepMind’s Lyria, the most advanced music generation model. This experiment aims to explore how technology can deepen connections between artists, creators, and their fans.

Artist Collaborations: Nine artists, including Alec Benjamin and Sia, are collaborating to shape the future of AI in music. They’re allowing select US creators to generate unique 30-second soundtracks for their Shorts using AI-generated voices.

Music AI Tools Experiments

In the Music AI Incubator, artists, songwriters, and producers are testing and providing feedback to develop the best possible experiences for the community. YouTube aims to enhance creativity and connection between creators and fans through these interactive experiences.

Iterative Development: The early sessions with participants sparked the development of music AI tools, exploring innovative concepts. Prospective tools will be tested later this year, offering new possibilities for creators.

YouTube’s Commitment and Future Prospects

YouTube acknowledges the complex challenges in the evolving AI space. Emphasizing strong relationships with music industry partners, YouTube commits to collaborative exploration of new opportunities.

YouTube also noted that they are in the early stages of AI and music innovation, evolving their approach based on continuous learning. They look forward to enriching music creation, building responsible tools that empower artists, captivate fans, and respect creative limits.

Announcing the updates, Lyor Cohen And Toni Reid, Global Head Of Music, YouTube And Vice President, Emerging Experiences & Community Products, said:

The rise of AI marks a pivotal moment for music, ushering in a new era of creativity. In crafting our AI strategy, we are committed to a path defined by collaboration and responsibility. This commitment led to the establishment of AI Music principles and a Music AI incubator earlier this year, both grounded in responsible collaboration.

Since their introduction, we have delved into the potential of AI to empower creativity in tandem with artists, songwriters, producers, and partners, all while acknowledging and addressing its challenges.

Through continuous testing and learning, we aim to better grasp how to amplify opportunities for artists and the industry, deepen fan engagement, and ultimately contribute to the broader music community.