Ookla speedtest: iPhone 15 series and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 / Flip5 5G performance in Q3 2023

Ookla, renowned for its Speedtest Intelligence data, conducted a comprehensive review comparing the performance of Apple’s iPhone 15 series and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold5 and Flip5 models with their predecessors over 5G. The analysis covered 13 major markets, including India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, UAE, UK, US, and Vietnam.

The study aimed to provide users with insights into the performance of these cutting-edge devices, especially evaluating if technical enhancements in the iPhone 15 series, such as Wi-Fi 6E support, translate to improved performance.

Data from Speedtest Intelligence between September 22-October 20, 2023, for iPhones and August 11-October 20, 2023, for Samsung models was scrutinized. Notably, three out of four iPhone 15 models in India exhibited significantly faster median 5G download speeds compared to their iPhone 14 counterparts. However, there was no statistical winner for the iPhone Pro Max in India during this period.

For Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold in India, no statistical winner emerged for 5G median download speed during the August 11-October 20, 2023, period.

Ookla’s recommendation suggests Indian iPhone users might consider an upgrade for improved performance, while Samsung Galaxy users may opt for an upgrade if seeking feature enhancements. It’s essential to note that the statistical ranges for the newer devices are wider due to their recent introduction.