‘MiOS’ might not be the name for Xiaomi’s next OS

Xiaomi’s upcoming smartphone, the Xiaomi 14, is rumored to feature a new MiOS operating system, with a strong emphasis on smooth performance. In recent developments, Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. has applied for the registration of various trademarks, including ‘Xiaomi Pengpai’ and ‘Xiaomi Hyper.’

These trademarks cover a wide array of categories, including operating systems and programs. What’s interesting is that the trademark status for ‘Xiaomi Hyper,’ ‘Xiaomi Surge,’ and even ‘Redmi Hyper’ is currently labeled as ‘pending substantive examination,’ indicating that Xiaomi is awaiting approval for these trademarks.

This suggests that Xiaomi may be considering these names for their new operating system. The possible reason behind this naming change could be related to a dispute over the MiOS name.

Despite registering MiOS.cn, Xiaomi faces a challenge since the official MiOS.com domain has already been claimed by Ezlo, a company specializing in smart home solutions.

This domain dispute may have led Xiaomi to reconsider the name for its in-house operating system. As Xiaomi continues to grow in the tech industry, the name of its new operating system is an important decision.

While the final choice is yet to be confirmed, it signals the start of a new phase in Xiaomi’s software development efforts.