BestBuy now selling Scribe Pen for free with HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer was launched few months ago which is HTC’s first ever Android powered tablet. It’s a very good Android powered tablet and I recently reviewed it and I was impressed. Sprint is offering the Flyer in USA as EVO View 4G and it’s available on contract. BestBuy is offering it for $499 without any contract and they were selling the Scribe Pen for $80, but that’s history now. BestBuy is now offering the HTC Flyer for $499 and the Scribe pen comes with it for free. People were complaining that Flyer is already an expensive tablet and then they have to pay extra $80 for the Scribe Pen, which is an amazing accessory and makes Flyer different from other Android powered tablets. If you were looking forward to Flyer but didn’t  because of the high price, then you can get the whole package for $499. HTC Flyer is neither running on Honeycomb nor on a dual-core processor, but it’s still fast with a single-core processor and also Android 2.3 along with HTC Sense 3.0 makes it one of the best 7-Inch tablets available in the market.

So if anyone in USA is looking forward to buy HTC Flyer, then this is the best time to buy it. So who’s planning to pick one from Best Buy?