Microsoft unveils new AI-Powered Bing and Edge Browser features

Microsoft has introduced an innovative AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser, aiming to enhance online search and browsing experiences.

The new tools are designed to provide more accurate search results, comprehensive answers, interactive chat capabilities, and content generation, effectively acting as AI copilots for users navigating the web.

Improved Search: The new Bing offers an upgraded search experience, delivering relevant results for common queries like sports scores, stock prices, and weather. Additionally, a new sidebar provides more comprehensive answers when required.

Comprehensive Answers: Bing extracts and summarizes answers from various sources across the web. For instance, users can receive detailed instructions for substitutions while baking, avoiding the need to navigate through multiple search results.

Interactive Chat: For intricate searches like trip planning or product research, the new Bing incorporates interactive chat functionality. This empowers users to refine their queries until they obtain the desired answers.

Content Generation: The enhanced Bing can generate content, assisting users in tasks like drafting emails, creating itineraries, preparing for interviews, or composing quizzes. All sources are cited, providing transparency.

Updated Edge Browser: Microsoft has infused the Edge browser with AI capabilities, introducing features like Chat and compose. Users can request summaries of lengthy reports, make comparisons, and even receive help in composing content.

Microsoft’s advancements are rooted in four key technical breakthroughs:

  • Next-Gen OpenAI Model: The new Bing employs a potent OpenAI large language model, surpassing ChatGPT in power, speed, and customization for search purposes.
  • Microsoft Prometheus Model: A proprietary approach to utilizing OpenAI’s potential, yielding relevant, timely, and secure results.
  • AI in Search Ranking: Integrating AI into Bing’s core search algorithm leads to the most significant improvement in relevance in decades.
  • Unified User Experience: A unified interface for search, browser, and chat promises an innovative way of engaging with the web.
Commitment to Responsible AI

Microsoft emphasizes their responsible AI commitment in collaboration with OpenAI. Safeguards against harmful content, misinformation, and discriminatory material have been integrated. The companies work together to mitigate risks and ensure responsible AI deployment.


A new version of Bing is currently available for a limited number of desktop users to preview. is inviting people to try out sample searches and join a waitlist for access.

In the coming weeks, the preview will be expanded to include millions of users, and a version for mobile devices will also be released soon.

Commenting on the new, AI-powered Bing search engine, Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft, said:

AI is set to revolutionize every software category, beginning with the largest of them all – search. Today, we are proud to launch Bing and Edge, powered by AI copilot and chat, to help people get more out of their search and web experience.