Apple fights back! Sues Samsung at home ground, South Korea

The tech industry is heating up with a number of lawsuits between companies and Apple is leading the charge. The Samsung and apple war began just a few months back when Apple sued Samsung for copying the designs of iPhone and iPad, also for the similar app icon designs. Samsung Countersued Apple a week later claiming a patent infringement and also asking to view the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Just after Apple denied Samsung from viewing the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, Apple decided to attack Samsung by filing a lawsuit at it’s home, South Korea.

This is the first time Apple will be taking Samsung to the courtroom outside the US. Earlier Samsung had taken Apple to couts in Japan, Germany and South Korea. Currently there are no details about the patents which have been infringed, but we are sure this fight between Samsung and Apple is not going to end soon. We are expecting a reply or a counterattack to Apple from Samsung pretty soon.

Source: Samsunghub