Samsung One UI 5 Watch to bring better Health and Safety features

Samsung has announced One UI 5 Watch, a new software update for Galaxy Watch devices that will be available later this year, likely along with the Watch 6 in Q3 2023. The update will offer users a more personalized and intuitive health experience, says the company.

It will also assist users in enhancing their sleep quality, a vital but often neglected aspect of overall wellness, and offer various features for fitness and safety.

Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch Improves Sleep Experience

Samsung recognizes the importance of sleep and has focused on three key elements to help users achieve better sleep: understanding personal sleep patterns, building healthy habits, and creating a sleep-friendly environment.

To help users understand their sleep patterns better, Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch features a new Sleep Insights UI that prominently displays the user’s sleep score and related metrics like sleep phases, snoring hours, and blood oxygen levels. The watch also provides Sleep Coaching tailored to eight different sleep types, making it more convenient and motivating for users to track their habits anytime, anywhere.

In addition, creating a comfortable sleep environment is crucial for quality sleep, and even small distractions can have significant impacts. To minimize distractions, Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch utilizes an infrared sensor instead of a green LED light to detect sleep and enables users to switch off connected devices through SmartThings. The watch also features Sleep Mode, which mutes notifications and dims the phone and watch screens.

Enhanced Fitness Experience in One UI 5

Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch also includes personalized Heart Rate Zone for tailored running tools, which sets five optimal workout intensity levels based on individual physical capabilities. This feature enables users to set their fitness goals based on their ability, from burning fat to high-impact cardio.

The watch also supports various outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, walking, and running, and Galaxy Watch Pro users can access the GPX File Database and receive recommendations for new routes through the Samsung Health app.

Improved Safety Features on One UI 5 Watch

Samsung recognizes the importance of safety and has included several features in the One UI 5 Watch to enhance user safety. The SOS feature enables direct communication with an emergency service number to relay the wearer’s location and medical information, and the Fall Detection feature is now activated by default for users of advanced ages.


Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch will be available on the upcoming Galaxy Watch series later this year, with further updates to be announced soon.

Users of the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch4 series in the U.S. and Korea can register for the beta program starting in May through the Samsung Members app.

Speaking on the announcement, Hon Pak, Vice President and Head of Digital Health Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics, said:

Samsung strives to provide a comprehensive health experience and help users achieve their wellness goals. We believe that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for this. The new One UI 5 Watch reflects our ongoing commitment to help people enhance the quality of their sleep, so they can wake up each day fully refreshed and ready for the day.