Microsoft Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 launches globally

Microsoft has announced that Phone Link for iOS is now being made available to all Windows 11 users. This feature was initially introduced with the Windows 11 February update and enables a connection between a Windows 11 PC and an iOS mobile device.

Phone Link now available on Windows 11 PC and iOS mobile devices

Microsoft has extended its Phone Link feature to iOS mobile devices, which was previously only available to Android users. This feature enables Windows 11 PC users to access everything on their phone directly from their PC. With Phone Link for iOS, Windows 11 users will never miss an important call or text while focusing on their PC.

The feature offers basic iOS support for calls, messages, and access to contacts. Users will receive notifications on their PC and can choose which action to take. Additionally, with iCloud integration, users can access their iPhone photos on their Windows 11 PC via the Photos app.

Getting started with Phone Link on Windows 11 PCs

Microsoft has provided guidance on how to begin using the Phone Link feature on Windows 11 PCs. In the coming weeks, users will see the feature become available on their PC.

To check if it’s enabled or to start using it, they can use the search box on the Windows taskbar to find “Phone Link”. A guided step-by-step installation process will then be provided to help set it up.


Microsoft’s Phone Link feature for iOS is starting to roll out globally on Windows 11. The feature requires an iPhone with iOS 14 or higher, a Windows 11 device, a Bluetooth connection, and the latest version of the Phone Link app.

However, it’s not available for iPad (iPadOS) or macOS, and device compatibility may vary.

Users should also note that the messaging feature is limited by iOS, as image/video sharing and group messaging is not supported. Additionally, messages are session-based and require the phone to be connected to the PC.

Commenting on the roll-out, Ali Akgun, Corporate Vice President, Windows and Devices, said:

We care about smooth and quality connections with your loved ones, so we launched this update cautiously with our Windows Insiders’ feedback. They were thrilled and we’re rolling it out to Windows 11 users by mid-May. We look forward to supporting Phone Link and connecting you to what matters most – regardless of your phone choice.