Instagram to roll out ads search results and ‘Reminder Ads’

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has announced the release of two new tools that will provide additional opportunities for advertising on the popular social network.

In response to weak advertising demand, Meta is testing ads in search results that will reach people actively searching for businesses, products, and content. The ads will display in users’ feeds as they scroll through posts from their search results.

Meta Introduces Two New Ad Products, Reminder Ads and Ads in Search Results

Meta has just announced the launch of two new ad products that will give companies more opportunities to connect with their audience. With Reminder ads and ads in search results, businesses will have even more ways to get discovered and form meaningful connections with their customers.

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that will make it easier for users to access their recently shared Reels.

Reminder Ads

Instagram is now making it easier for businesses to promote and advertise upcoming events or launches with its new ad format called Reminder Ads. This feature, which was recently tested with brands like Starz, will be available to all advertisers soon. Reminder Ads allow advertisers to build anticipation and awareness for future moments.

Instagram now allows users to receive event reminders at one day before, 15 minutes before, and also at the time of the event. This benefits both users and businesses, as it provides convenience to users and helps businesses boost engagement by reminding interested individuals of upcoming events.

Ads in Search Results

Meta is expanding its reach by testing ads in search results, aiming to target individuals who are actively searching for businesses, products, and content. These ads will appear in a scrollable feed that users can access when they tap into a post from search results. Meta aims to make this feature available worldwide in the upcoming months, enabling businesses to reach a vast audience through search results.

With the new ad placement feature, users worldwide will start seeing relevant ads in their search results. For instance, if you look up “Skin Care,” you will see ads that match your search. The ads are easy to spot as they have a “Sponsored” label under the account name.

Meta’s new tools aim to boost revenue amidst declining ad sales

According to a report by Techcrunch, these tools will enhance Meta’s ability to generate more income. The company’s Q4 2022 earnings report revealed a drop in ad revenue from $32.6 billion to $31.2 billion. Meta’s CFO, Susan Li, attributed this decline to weak advertising demand due to the “uncertain and volatile macroeconomic landscape.”


Reminder ads are now available to all advertisers starting today. Meanwhile, Ads in Search Results are still in the testing phase, but the company intends to launch this feature worldwide in the next few months.

Announcing two new ad products, Meta, posted:

People come to Instagram to discover new brands, products or upcoming events. Today, we’re introducing two new ad products that give businesses more ways to get discovered and form meaningful connections – Reminder ads and ads in search results.

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