Google introduces Credential Manager for a seamless sign-in experience

Google has released the alpha version of Credential Manager, a new Jetpack API for app developers. It simplifies the authentication process for users and improves security with the integration of passkeys.

Credential Manager

Google’s Credential Manager supports multiple sign-in methods, including username/password, passkeys, and federated sign-in solutions. It simplifies the integration process for developers and provides a unified sign-in interface for users across all authentication methods.

In October 2022, Google expanded support for passkeys, a passwordless authentication standard, across Android and Chrome. Credential Manager enables users to store their passkeys in Google Password Manager and sync them across all devices signed in to the same Google Account for seamless sign-in to passkey-supported apps.

Credential Manager consolidates all available sign-in methods for an app into one list and eliminates duplicates for the same account. This streamlines the sign-in process for users, who can simply choose their account without having to understand the technicalities of different sign-in methods.


Google also plans to roll out support for third-party password managers to work with Credential Manager.

If you are a developer, to improve the sign-in experience in your app, integrate Credential Manager. For more information, check out the Android Developer guide.

Speaking on the introduction, Diego Zavala, Product Manager, Lee Campbell – Tech Lead, said,

Bringing together sign-in solutions and passkeys with Android’s new Credential Manager. This provides a seamless sign-in experience, freeing your users from having to remember usernames or passwords.