trinamiX showcases Face Authentication at Snapdragon Tech Summit 2022

trinamiX demonstrated Face Authentication on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 reference design at Snapdragon Summit 2022. The solution operates entirely invisibly under the OLED display and sets biometric norms for future devices.

It combines rapid unlocking with optimum data safety and full-screen viewing for consumers. By operating all our software components in the Qualcomm Trusted Execution Environment, biometric data obtained during authentication is safeguarded from third-party access and alteration.

trinamiX Face Authentication

The presentation of trinamiX Face Authentication in Qualcomm’s smartphone reference design showcased our technology’s ability to function from behind the display. Mounting sensors behind OLED gives manufacturers new design options. Future smartphones could have a maximum screen-to-body ratio and a face-recognition IR camera on the front that can’t be seen.

The trinamiX Face Authentication has sophisticated hardware and software for cellphones and other electronics. The solution incorporates customized hardware and unique biometric algorithms. IP-protected system design comprises an IR camera, dot projector, and flood illumination. Slim and compact form factors permit incorporation into consumer devices.

  • Qualcomm Technologies demonstrated behind-the-scenes integration of the TrinamiX system into a smartphone reference design.
  • Setting a new gold standard in Android biometric authentication: Mobile payment security is certified by the FIDO Alliance, Android Biometric Security, and IIFAA.
  • This high-security authentication solution uses the Qualcomm® Trusted Execution Environment. This means that your biometric information never leaves your phone.

Speaking on the partnership, Asaf Shen, Senior Director of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. said,

Providing highest data security is of interest to the entire mobile ecosystem. At Qualcomm Technologies, we have made data security an integral part of our mobile platform — which makes our work with trinamiX essential. The certified security of trinamiX’s face authentication perfectly complements our technology.

Speaking on the announcement, Ingmar Bruder, Founder and CEO of trinamiX, said:

By integrating trinamiX Face Authentication, smartphone manufacturers can unlock new display design possibilities. Future smartphones will not only fully protect your data, but also provide you with an undisturbed viewing experience without punchholes or notches.