Just Corseca Sparkle Wireless Powerbuds review

Just Corseca, a consumer electronic company, has launched its new TWS in the Indian market – Sparkle Wireless Powerbuds at Rs. 1,750. It has Bluetooth 5.1 support, 13mm drivers, and RGB lights to differentiate it from the rest. So, are these good sets of TWS earbuds in range? Let us find out in this review.

Design and build

Just Corseca Sparkle Wireless Powerbuds comes with an all-plastic build, with the case getting a transparent lid, revealing the buds sitting inside. The bottom half has a branched design that glows in RGB color when you open/close the lid. At the bottom, there’s a USB-C port for charging.

The design is distinctive when the RGB glows. Unfortunately, however, there are no options to turn it off. Also, the design is very prone to scratches since it’s transparent. The buds are made of plastic and are uncomfortable for the long haul because of the shape.

Since it doesn’t carry an in-ear model, there are sound leaks at high volumes, and can hear a considerable amount of outside noises.

Connectivity, Pairing, and Controls

The pairing process in Sparkle Wireless is simple, thanks to Bluetooth 5.1. Enable the Bluetooth function on your device, select the ‘Sparkle Wireless‘ and connect. 

The TWS is pairing-ready when you open the top lid. So far in my usage, I didn’t face any connectivity issues with the OnePlus 9 Pro. However, it doesn’t have dual-mode connectivity, so you can only pair it with one device simultaneously.

The touch controls on Sparkle Wireless are hit or miss and don’t respond half the time. Unlike a few other buds, you cannot customise the settings. All you can do in this bud is answer calls, adjust volume, play/pause the musical tracks and control the voice assistant. 

Audio Quality, Call Performance, and battery life

The Sparkle Wireless features 13mm drivers and is tuned for bass. Although the audio from the Sparkle Wireless is very average, vocals are sometimes overpowered by bass, and the treble is decent enough.

Voice clarity was good for calls indoors and below average outdoors. Overall, these have decent audio and average call quality for the price.

According to the company, Sparkle Wireless can last 3-4 hours. We got about 3 hours on a single charge during our review. 


The Sparkle Wireless is a decent Bluetooth true wireless earbud for Rs. 1,750. You can consider other options from companies like boAt, Redmi, and realme in a similar price range.