Nokia Deep Dive: Nokia X7 hands on pictures!

I have been invited to a nice little event here from Nokia Austria, dubbed “Nokia Deep Dive”. The whole event was made to show a handful of bloggers and developers here in Austria, the newly introduced Symbian Anna and the 2 new devices that will come with it out of the box, the Nokia E6 and X7.

Announced as “extreme entertainment”, the Nokia X7 shows once more, that the lines between Nokia’s current naming are blurred. Of course, the X7 can entertain us all! It features the fancy music player we all love, or plays 720p mkv-files without conversion. But is there a real difference between this and, say a Nokia E7? Not much. Which, as i mentioned in my Nokia E7 hits and misses post, is not a bad thing at all! The real difference between the Nokia E7, is surely the design. The X-fighter (nice naming i read on Twitter) is shouty and very futuristic looking. It’s dominated by a 4″ AMOLED (not CBD) multitouchscreen, that comes in Nokia’s good old (well, mostly old) 640 x 360 pixel resolution. It does NOT have 4 speakers as rumored earlier, but the 2 speakers inside are very good. The whole device is another great example of Nokia’s brilliant build quality, being mostly made from aluminium. Similar to a Nokia E7, E6 or any other of the Symbian^3 devices, the material quality will simply blow you away. Camerawise, we’re talking about an 8MP full focus camera with dual LED flash here, video recording takes place at 720p HD.

More on the Device and Symbian Anna in an upcoming post, meanwhile enjoy the pictures I took at the event, showing you all the details of the Nokia X7! As usual, all those pictures can be found in full resolution over at flickr, in my Nokia X7 picture set!

Nokia X7 and Symbian Anna!

Nokia X7’s and E7’s. Lots of Annas, so to speak!

The curved back makes the X7 feel thinner, which is a good thing!

The 8MP full focus camera, with dual LED flash

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