Microsoft introduces Mesh for Microsoft Teams

During their Ignite 2021 conference, Microsoft has unveiled a new feature for Microsoft Teams called Mesh. The feature is designed to allow people in different physical locations to join virtual meetings, send chats, collaborate, and have shared holographic experiences, all via Microsoft Teams.

Mesh for Microsoft Teams builds on two existing features which are Together mode and Presenter mode. It will be accessible from standard smartphones and laptops to mixed-reality headsets. Users will be able to join standard Teams meetings as a customized avatar of themselves instead of as a static picture or on video.

Taking this a step further is the ability to use Mesh in custom design metaverses that are created by organizations. Organizations can create metaverses, persistent virtual worlds for people to collaborate, places that connect the physical world to the virtual world via digital twins of people, places and things.

Microsoft will roll out Mesh for Teams in preview in the first half of 2022.