Epic Games’ Epic Online Services launches Voice and Easy Anti-Cheat for free

Epic Online Services, which is a set of online services offered by Epic Games, has now launched that two of their services – Voice and Easy Anti-Cheat, for free. These two services should help game developers more easily integrate backend servers such as voice communication and game anti-cheat.

Voice is the voice communication service that is currently being used in Fortnite, with many years of development and testing behind it. The company is now offering Voice for free to any game developer to integrate into their game.

It allows one-on-one or group chat functionality across multiple platforms, during a match or in lobbies, and the back-end servers are managed by Epic Online Services.

Easy Anti-Cheat, which is a popular anti-cheat program used by over a hundred online games, is now available for free to game developers. They offer scalable systems that can detect, prevent and evolve against cheat techniques, with the goal of providing fair play across platforms.

Typically, developing voice and anti-cheat systems is expensive and time-consuming. By making these two services available for free, Epic Online Services will be making it much simpler for developers during the game development process.