WhatsApp testing the ability to transfer chats between phone numbers

WhatsApp was recently discovered to be developing a feature where users can transfer their chats between Android and iOS smartphones. The company is now reportedly expanding upon that feature by allowing the transfer of chats between phone numbers too.

As evident from these screenshots, the ability to transfer your chats from one number to another will only be available when the user links a new number to their WhatsApp account. The process will completely transfer chats between numbers, including the media.

Another point to note in this feature is that the process to change your number will begin before the process of migrating your chat history. If you skip the first process, you will not be able to migrate your chats to a new number.

These new changes will benefit users who are not only changing smartphones between the iOS and Android ecosystems, but also those who are changing their numbers with it. There is no release date on when the feature will roll out widely, but hopefully it is soon.