Google Chrome now lets you fix compromised passwords with a simple tap

Google Chrome has a built-in password manager which recently got a new feature that warns users of weak passwords. At the Google I/O today the company has announced new password manager improvements that now warns you about stolen passwords immediately when it detects a breach and also fix the compromised passwords with a single tap.

On supported sites, whenever you check your passwords and Chrome finds a password that may have been compromised, you will see a “Change password” button from the Assistant. When you tap the button, Chrome will not only navigate to the site, but also go through the entire process of changing your password.

Google said that you can control the entire experience and choose to go through the change password process manually from the start, or at any point during the process. Chrome’s password manager will help you create strong and unique passwords for your various accounts. Google has also expanded its Duplex feature that lets you quickly create a strong password for certain sites and apps when Chrome determines your credentials have been leaked online.

Automated password changes are rolling out gradually in Chrome on Android, to users who sync their passwords starting in the U.S., and will expand to more countries in the coming months.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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