Google Chrome v88 to feature weak password check, improved password manager and more

For many users, Google Chrome’s built-in password manager is their manager of choice, thanks to its security and ease of use across the browser and Android. Google is adding new features to the manager in Chrome 88 for Desktop to improve security and help users manage their passwords.

One of the most common problems when a user sets up an account on a website is using a weak or common or an easily identifiable password. This reduces the security of that account, making it vulnerable to attacks.

Google is adding a new safety check within Chrome’s password manager that will identify these weak passwords and inform the user. The user can then take action accordingly and change their password to a stronger one.

Chrome v88 will add the ability to manage multiple usernames and passwords easily in one convenient place within Chrome settings for both Desktop and iOS versions, and it will be coming later for Android users.

Chrome v88 will be rolling out to all users in the coming weeks. In the near future, Chrome will also be adding biometric authentication for Android users; it already exists for iOS users.