Samsung launches ‘iTest’ web app for iPhone that showcases OneUI Android interface

Samsung is trying out something rather cheeky to win over iPhone customers to their ecosystem. They have released a web app called “iTest” that emulates a Samsung Galaxy OneUI experience, which allows users to “get a little taste of Samsung” all from within their iPhone.

Switching from an iPhone to Android is a big task for most people and this is exactly what Samsung is trying to tackle. By letting users experience how OneUI works and what is offers, Samsung is hoping to show iPhone users that their ecosystem is better.

To experience it, users to navigate to the iTest website on their iPhone and add it to their Homescreen as a web app. From here they can simply open and explore the various ways of interacting with OneUI. Samsung has done a rather impressive job emulating the experience. Users can browse the Galaxy Store, apple themes, open and explore the camera app, and more. Even the smooth UI animations are identical to an actual Samsung smartphone running OneUI.

There are limitations to ‘iTest’ naturally. For one, users can open the Settings app, but they cannot open any particular menu item. You can’t open any app folder on the Homescreen either. These are most likely limitations of being a Web app itself.

The feature is currently being advertised in New Zealand, however the website can be accessed worldwide. To check out iTest from Samsung, click here.