Google Assistant Snapshot will now show upcoming tasks, recommended activities and more

The Google Assistant Snapshot feature was announced two years ago as a way to give users a quick overview of their day. Now, Google has announced a few new updates to the feature, bringing notifications for upcoming tasks, recommended activities, etc.

With Snapshot, users will now see a summary of other important tasks right at the top, like for example reminders for upcoming birthdays and holidays and these will change based on the time of day and your interactions with Google Assistant. Snapshot will also begin showing tailored recommendations based on the user’s preferences for recipes, podcasts and even nearby restaurants that deliver.


To access Snapshot, users previously needed to activate the Assistant screen and click the icon on the bottom left corner. Now, Google added a shortcut where users can simple say “Hey Google, show me my day” and the Assistant will bring up the snapshot screen. This functionality is currently supported with English and support for more languages is coming soon.