Google Chrome v84 will automatically blocks abusive permission requests and notifications

Browsing websites online can be tiring sometimes as the user will often have to deal with obtrusive, misleading notifications that phish for private information or promote malware. Recognising this issue, Google is adding a feature in the Chrome v84 update that will automatically enable a quieter notification UI for sites that are flagged with abusive permission requests or abusive notifications.

Among the user complaints for Chrome, abusive notification prompts ranks at the top. Chrome has categorised them into two – “permission request issues” and “notification issues”. Permission request issues are those requests that are designed to mislead, trick, or force users into allowing notifications, while Notification issues include fake messages that resemble chat messages, warnings, or system dialogs.

The update will also be arriving for Google Chrome on Android and iOS soon. Google has generated an  Abusive Notifications Report in the Search Console where site owners can check to see if their site has been flagged or not. If it does violate Google’s criteria’s, they will receive a mail, and be given 30 days to review their websites notification prompts and to make changes.