Apple acquires machine learning startup ‘Inductiv’ to improve Siri

In recent times, Apple has been buying AI and machine learning based startups in a bid to improve their own software. The latest company to be acquired by Apple is Waterloo, Ontario-based machine-learning startup called Inductiv Inc., whose engineers have joined Apple to work on improving services related to Siri.

The startup was known to work on technology that used AI to identify and correct errors in data, automating the process. Feeding clean data sets to an AI can help improve the training process by a significant amount, and automating the process meant less human interaction.

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, continues to lag behind many of its competitors when it comes to features offered and voice recognition capabilities. Integrating Inductiv’s technology would help improve Siri’s underlying machine learning sciences and also other AI-based services in the company, contributing to Apple’s presence in the AI and machine learning industry.

Recently Apple had acquired Voysis, which was another AI startup, in a bid to improve Siri’s natural language processing capabilities. Other startups that were acquired by Apple recently include Dark Sky, NextVR, etc.