Apple acquires AI startup Voysis in a bid to improve Siri

Apple’s voice assistant, Siri often falls short in functionality and natural language processing capabilities when compared to the Google Assistant. In a bid to improve Siri’s shortcomings, Apple has decided to acquire Voysis, which is a company that has developed an AI based platform for digital voice assistants to understand natural language.

Voysis is a company that is based in Ireland and until now, has been working on improving voice assistants for online shopping apps. The company developed its platform an on AI-based method called Wavenets, which was first by Google’s DeepMind back in 2016. It allowed the program to work on a really small amount of memory once it was trained, as little as 25MB.

Although Apple has not stated clearly their intentions for buying Voysis, it wouldn’t be a stretch to guess that they want to use Voysis’s research to improve Siri’s natural language processing capabilities. Apple has steadily buying small startups to improve and integrate more functionality into their services. Recently, Apple bought Dark Sky, a hyper local weather app, for an undisclosed amount to improve its own Weather app in iOS.