Facebook is testing cross-posting of Stories to Instagram

Facebook has begun testing the ability to cross-post Facebook Stories in Instagram for some users. Code found in Facebook for Android app points to a toggle to share a Story that was created using the app directly to Instagram.

The feature was spotted by popular app reverse-engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, when combing through the Facebook for Android app. According to her tweet, once a story has been created, right before posting, there will be an option to review who can see the story by tapping Privacy. Along with the options of Public, Friends, Custom and Hide From options, there will be a new toggle to share the story directly to the users Instagram account.

At the moment, it is possible to share Instagram stories to Facebook but not the other way around. Facebook did confirm that they are testing the feature with limited users for now, with no expected date for wide roll-out.  The feature would help social media managers to quickly share content on both platforms simultaneously thereby increasing views.