Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Review: The best-sounding earbuds under Rs. 7000?

Anker, which is a popular accessories brand in the US has some great products in its lineup and primarily focusses on mobile charging accessories. Audio products from the company are under Soundcore branding and while Soundcore products were predominantly available in the US, it has now finally made its way to the Indian market. The company has launched an array of products in the Indian market and it includes a range of truly wireless buds as well. We tested the Soundcore Liberty 2 for some time and let us see if the Liberty 2 is worth your money or not.

Box Contents

  • Soundcore Liberty 2 TWS
  • Charging case
  • Replaceable EarTips (XS/S/M/L/XL/M+/L+)
  • S/M/L EarWings
  • USB Type-C cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty information

Design and Build Quality

Let’s start with the design of the earbuds. The earbuds themselves sport a standard design language like most true wireless earbuds in the market. It has a glossy finish on the outer and inner parts with traces of high-quality plastic. Unlike most true wireless earbuds that offer intuitive touch pad controls, Soundcore has added button controls that reside on top of the glossy part. Moving on, the Left and Right earbuds can be distinguished easily, thanks to the clear text on the earbuds. Overall, the build quality of the earbuds is solid and feels premium.

Coming to the charging case, it has a unique pebble-shaped design with the lid opening upward. It has as a dedicated spring to support this sliding action and the sliding mechanism is smooth and convenient. It has a glossy finish and is definitely a fingerprint magnet. The build quality is great and in our testing, the lid didn’t feel flimsy. But having said, we are not sure how durable the sliding part would be over the course of time.


The earbuds have a comfortable fit and don’t fall off easily from your ears. As usual, you get a bunch of replaceable ear tips of varying sizes. Although, the fit in one’s ears is subjective, in our usage, it was fine and the earbuds along with the company’s GripFit technology offered a secure and comfortable fit.

Pairing and Controls

Pairing these earbuds is a simple process and taking out one of the earbuds from the case will automatically pair it with the phone. The second earbud also needs to be paired for the first time and once it is paired, both the earbuds connect automatically upon taking it out from the charging case. However, there is no autoplay/pause, and we would have wished to see the functionality on these earbuds. Furthermore, unlike most true wireless earbuds that offer touchpad controls, Liberty 2 has a single button that lets you control the volume and playback. But, the Soundcore app lets you customize the actions which are a nifty addition. Here are the default controls

Single Press Play/Pause
Double Tap (L) Previous track
Double Tap (R) Next track
Hold (1s) Voice Assistant

Sound Quality

Soundcore Liberty 2 packs 10mm Diamond Coated dynamic drivers and supports Qualcomm’s aptX technology. It has an impedance of 16 ohms, signal to noise ratio of 85 dB and connects through Bluetooth 5.0 with a wireless range of 14 meters.

Coming to the sound quality, it has a balanced sound signature with clear vocals, and there was no distortion at high volume levels. The vocals are clear and the mids are decent as well. Furthermore, the bass is good and punchy on these earbuds, but I won’t call this bass-heavy. Having said that,  music lovers will appreciate the sound signature and the bass to an extent. Thanks to Qualcomm’s aptX audio technology, the audio quality is much better than cheaper earbuds that use AAC or SBC. There is a dedicated Soundcore app with ‘Hear ID’ that maps your personal hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies to create personalized EQ settings. It also has a dedicated microphone but using it for calls is something I won’t suggest and the experience wasn’t that great. Similarly, the noise cancellation isn’t that great as well.

Overall, these earbuds sound amazing and if you ask me, you will enjoy listening on these for a longer period of time.

Battery life

The Liberty 2 packs a 500mAh battery and the company promise 8 hours of music playback on a single charge with 50% volume. In our testing with a 3 hour 13 mins 15-sec video, the battery drained by 60% and overall, on a single charge, the Liberty 2 lasted around 321 mins or 5 hours 35 mins. With the charging case, you can extend up to 32 hours playback time. The case can be charged through the USB Type-C port and it takes about 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.


Soundcore Liberty 2 is priced at Rs. 6999, comes in a single Black color option and is available on Flipkart. The Indian audio market is flooded with true wireless earbuds and users have a plethora of options to choose from. Amidst the plethora of truly wireless earbuds, Soundcore stands out with its great sound quality and premium build quality. The Liberty 2 gets most things right and if you are looking to buy true wireless buds under Rs. 7000, the Soundcore Liberty 2 is a great pair of earbuds and is definitely recommended.

Author: Manoj Nagendra

Manoj Nagendra is passionate about smartphones and the latest technology. He likes to write and explore the latest tech and you can often find him with an Android phone. You can follow him on Twitter @manojshesh24 and also mail at