Samsung to showcase humanoid robot, smart highlighter and more C-Lab ventures at CES 2020

Samsung Electronics, the Korean technology giant will showcase 9 successful projects at CES 2020 from its C-Lab ventures, 5 projects from its C-Lab inside program and 4 projects from its C-Lab outside program. Projects will include

Samung C-Lab inside labs began in 2012 and has over 40 successful projects that have launched as fully-fledged start-ups, independent from the company. The lab will showcase 5 new projects from this year that are focused on lifestyle products that are convenient and healthy.

One of these projects is called SelfieType, a project that requires no additional hardware. It uses a proprietary AI engine that uses the front-facing selfie camera to analyze finger movements coming from the front camera, and converts them into QWERTY keyboard inputs.

Another cool project that is being showcased is a smart highlighter called ‘Hyler’ It can digitize texts from paper onto mobile devices, allowing users to simply collect the information and manage it with the app.

SunnySide is an interesting project that can literally be used as a replacement for getting sunlight. The window shaped device will copy the full spectrum of actual sunlight and even let users synthesize vitamin D from indoors or in places where there isn’t a sufficient amount of sunlight.

The lab will also showcase some of its startups that have turned into independent, each having its own booth at CES. These successful spin-offs will include Linkflow, Welt, Linkface, Lululab, Mopic, Monit, AnaloguePlus, and Luple.

The C-Lab Outside, which is a startup acceleration program, is planning to showcase 4 successful projects namely Circulus, FITT, Vtouch, Smoothy at CES 2020.

Vtouch feels a project of the future where it literally tracks the user’s eyes and fingertips with its patented computer vision and deep-learning technologies. Its use cases can include creating control interfaces for smart cars, smart homes and digital signage.

CES 2020 cannot be complete without a cute humanoid showcase that will claim to improve our daily lives. That is exactly what Circulus is planning with its piBo humanoid robot. It interacts with users based on emotional analysis of facial expressions and guidance services such as simple conversation.