Instagram testing new ‘Threads’ messaging app to rival Snapchat

Facebook has been introducing new features recently on its platform and also been testing new features in WhatsApp, Instagram etc. Similarly, now according to new reports, Facebook is working on a new messaging app called ‘Threads’ to take on Snapchat.

The new ‘Threads’ messaging app is being developed as a companion app to Instagram and invites users automatically to share battery life with their friends, live location, speed etc. These features will be present alongside the usual text, picture, video messages using creative tools of Instagram. Threads messaging app is said to work similar to Snapchat and will be a messaging app built around close friends which is more popular.

The screenshots from the report show the new messaging app that is designed to be used with “close friends list” on Instagram and users can opt-in to automatic sharing upon which the app will regularly update user’s status, share location, speed and more. However, if the user doesn’t wish to opt-in for automatic sharing, they can share status with their “close friends list” manually and it will start appearing on the main feed alongside messages.

With the ‘Threads’ app, Facebook is looking to merge best of Instagram and Snapchat’s features into a standalone app. There is no information on when Facebook is planning to launch this app yet. We should know more details in the coming months.


Author: Manoj Nagendra

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