Fitbit wearables now work with Cardiogram app bringing heart health screening

Cardiogram and Fitbit have partnered to bring Cardiogram’s suite of health monitoring features to Fitbit wearables. The Cardiogram app uses heart rate and sleep data from wearable devices and displays it on a user’s phone with insights and tracking. Over one million people use Cardiogram to track how their heart rate is affected by anything from stress, workouts and sleep.

Now, Fitbit users can access Cardiogram’s health screening tools, which have been clinically validated to detect signs of conditions like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and atrial fibrillation using heart rate data from Fitbit devices.

If a user is flagged as at risk for a health condition, they’re offered convenient confirmatory diagnostic testing, and newly-diagnosed users are guided to condition management programs. Fitbit users have the option to upgrade to Cardiogram Premium—a subscription service that enables sharing of live Cardiogram data, insights, and confirmatory test results with a loved one or caretaker, and easily export data to share with a physician.

Fitbit with a heart rate sensor (including Fitbit Charge family, Fitbit Versa family, Fitbit Inspire HR, and more) works with the Cardiogram app on iOS and Android. Cardiogram 3.0 now working with Wear OS by Google on iOS and Cardiogram for Garmin on iOS now integrates directly with Garmin Health.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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