Acer enters mobile arena with 4 new handsets

Acer, the third largest vendor in the PC market around the world, announced the launch of four Pocket PCs, falling into three groups, fulfilling consumer’s needs and views over the mobile market.

Acer targeted its new devices at various mobile Internet usage preferences and consumer attitudes, after surveying over 30,000 consumers. The new devices include M900, F900, X960 and DX900.

The new handsets the company announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona are not the only ones that will come from Acer in 2009; more are expected to be unveiled later this year.

Group 1: Acer M900 and DX900 – Smartphones that communicate, inform and entertain

The first group would include trendy and demanding users who need their smartphones to offer a lot in communication, information and entertainment experience.

Acer M900

Aimed at the power user, this is a handset that has it all: great features and smart looks.

Specs & features at a glance:

2.8-inch VGA touch screen

High speed HSDPA connectivity

Pre-installed GPS software

3.2 camera with auto focus and flash

Full slide-out QWERTY keyboard

Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

Outlook Mobile

Office Mobile

Fingerprint reader

Expandable memory slot

Acer DX900

The Acer DX900 comes with dual SIM handling, allowing users to keep business and personal calls separate, while having a single handset on their pocket.

Specs & features at a glance:

2.8-inch display with VGA resolution

3.2 camera with auto focus and flash


Facilitates navigation

Speed dial panel

Video calling capabilities

microSD expandable memory slot

Group 2: Acer X960 – Smartphones that are reliable and efficient

More pragmatic users would form the second group, focusing more on efficiency and reliability. They would require continuous connectivity, security and confidentiality at the same time.

Acer X960

Specs & features at a glance:

2.8-inch VGA screen

Widget based UI able to deliver fast access to contacts, messages and calendar details

Integrated GPS for navigation

3.2 camera with flash and auto focus

Secondary camera for video calls

Group 3: Acer F900 – Smartphones that make a style statement

The third group of users would include stylish and up-to-date consumers, in search of devices to reflect their personality.

Acer F900

Specs & features at a glance:


Internet Explorer Mobile 6 with JavaScript and Flash support


Wi-Fi connectivity

3.8-inch WVGA display

3.2-megapixel camera with auto focus and flash

Integrated GPS

Expandable memory

No word on availability or pricing yet!