LG to bring more voice recognition controls to home appliances to more markets


LG Electronics has announced that it will aggressively expand its voice recognition-enabled smart home appliances this year. With the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) partners Google and Amazon expanding sales of AI speakers globally, LG anticipates a simultaneous increase in demand for appliances supporting voice recognition.

LG also said that it will continue to work closely with valued AI partners Google and Amazon to deliver more integration to LG customers. Through Google Home and Amazon Alexa, LG will expand voice recognition support of its home appliance products to 21 countries by April

LG says that by using conversational voice commands, users can effortlessly control their LG appliances and monitor their operation for the ultimate in smart home convenience. With just one sentence, users can connect Google Home or Amazon Echo to the full range of smart features available to LG appliance owners. For example, users can check the time remaining on their washing machine’s cycle, adjust the temperature of the air conditioner and check on dinner in the oven, all with simple verbal commands. 

Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company said:

We look forward to giving our valued customers around the world the chance to experience next-level ease and convenience when using their LG appliances. Our aggressive strategy and drive for excellence will bring voice-enabled AI to more homes this year than any other manufacturer and this is something we are immensely proud of.