OPPO schedules MWC 2019 event for February 23 to showcase 10x lossless zoom technology

OPPO introduced its 10x hybrid lossless zoom technology at an event in China last week. It already said that it will demo the technology at the MWC next month, now it has sent out invites for the event on February 23rd.

This uses triple-camera solution consisting of “Ultra Wide Angle + Ultra Clear Master + Telephoto”. The ultra-wide-angle camera has an equivalent focal range of 15.9mm, primary camera guarantees photo quality, and the telephoto camera, with 159mm equivalent focal range, combined with the original “peep-up periscope structure” is responsible for the high-magnification 10x lossless zoom. It has OIS optical image stabilization on both standard and telephoto cameras.

Regarding the periscope design and the durability of the design, OPPO said:

The periscope-inspired design makes full use of the width and thickness of the phone through the lateral arrangement and refraction of the lens set. The space is saved, and the mobile phone can use a larger optical component under the premise of ensuring that the mobile phone body is thin and light, so that the mobile phone has a telephoto shooting capability.

In addition, OPPO uses the industry benchmark-level drop tests to ensure the reliability of the camera module. Among them, the prism part experienced two rounds of drop tests, with each round consisting10,000 times on the front and back sides, and 2,000 times on the remaining four sides, adding to a total of 28,000 drop tests.

The OPPO 2019 Innovation Event at the MWC in Barcelona is scheduled for February 23rd at 2PM CET (6:30 PM IST). We should see a demo of the technology, and announcement regarding the use of it in its next flagship.

Author: Varun Krish

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