Blackberry Torch in new colors Sunset Red and Pure White for AT&T

You may have read our review of the Blackberry Torch, and if yes then you know that it’s a pretty good device from RIM.Blackberry Torch is the first device to run Blackberry OS6, and it’s exclusive to AT&T in USA. A few days ago, we told you that Blackberry Torch will come in two new colors to AT&T, White and Red, and the day is finally here. So folks who are looking forward to Pure White or Sunset Red Blackberry Torch, you can now head over to AT&T Online and Local store, and can buy it for $99 with 2-yr contract and for $499 without contract. So if you don’t like the Black color, then may be White or Red color is good for you. So who’s looking forward to the new Torch colors? Torch in new 2 new colors sounds a bit funny for sure !