Nexus Two is real, Gizmodo goes hands on

[The Image above is not real] These days, the hottest news on the web is about the Nexus Two. Rumors has it that Samsung is going to launch the second Google Experience device on November 8th. Well, first we thought it’s fake and just another rumor, but now folks over at Gizmodo is claiming that the Nexus Two is real, and one of their friends has it. Well, Gizmodo friend said that the phone looks like the Galaxy S, but it’s nothing like the Nexus One. ” It’s black and shiny, built with glossy plastic. Up close, though, it’s “got this curve to it.” While the screen, which our source thinks is the same 4-inch AMOLED affair from the Galaxy series, is flat, the front is “sort of concave” with hard edges. And the back is curved. The tapering makes it feel thinner than Galaxy S, though it might be about the same thickness. “It feels really similar to the Galaxy S in a lot ways.” I don’t know why, but I am feeling that the leaked Galaxy S2 is the Nexus Two. Because the Galaxy S2 is rumored to have a 4.3 Inch screen, and it’s black and looks shiny. Well, Gizmodo is telling that the phone is just like a refreshed version of Samsung Galaxy S, which is a little shocking, but AndroidandMe is saying that the Nexus Two is way better than the Galaxy S. It features a 1.2 GHz processor, front-facing camera as Gizmodo said, and it’s way sexier than Galaxy S. Well, the Nexus Two looks real to me. We heard about the Nexus Two too much this week, and I think that if the device is somewhere in the wild (or in the bar), then may be we would see a leak screenshot of it before the launch (we all want to see that). What do you think people, is the Nexus Two real or not, tell us in the poll below.