Twitter seeks ideas to make the platform more healthy and civil

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In order to increase the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation around the world, Twitter says that it will be using the more holistic approach and measure the impact of the platform on the world in the days to come.

Twitter’s health measure will be built and measured just the way how the company encourages more healthy debate, conversations, and critical thinking; conversely, abuse, spam, and manipulation will detract from it. Twitter is also looking for partners and outside experts to help in identifying how to measure the health of Twitter, keep accountability and share the progress with the world.

Twitter says that this approach is inspired by the work of similar organizations in the industry. Cortico, a non-profit research organization, has spent the time to understand the concept of measuring conversational health and developed four indicators to measure it: shared attention, shared reality, a variety of opinion, and receptivity.

To achieve what health means on Twitter, the company is taking in proposals by Friday, April 13 in the form that includes Contact information, proposed health metrics, and methods for capturing, measuring, evaluating and reporting on such metrics, resource requirements and methodology and more.

All the selected applicants will be invited to share further details on proposals during May and June. Successful applicants will receive public data access and meaningful funding for their research which will be provided as an unrestricted gift to the proposer’s organization, to be presented in full at the start of the project.