HTC Mondrian render leaked with AT&T branding

The launch day of Windows Phone 7 phones in USA is coming near everyday, and WP7 fan can’t wait for it. A few days ago, we told you that Microsoft is launching WP7 powered phones with T-Mobile, but the news was incorrect, and the correct information is that Microsoft is launching it with AT&T on October 11th. You people may know about the HTC Mondrian, and you may have seen it in AT&T ads too ( the ad is removed). HTC Mondrian is headed to AT&T for sure, and another screenshot is leaked which is the HTC Mondrian with AT&T branding on it. It’s actually a press shot, and the phone look kinda bulky in the shot. If you folks remember, then we show you a press shot of HTC Mondrian a few days ago. If you match both photos, then you will see that the front speaker is a little different from this one, and also there is no microUSB port on the left side. May be this one is the AT&T version of Mondrian, or may be there is another WP7 phone in AT&T’s pipeline. I hope AT&T will clear this mess on October 11th. What do you people think?

via UV