Nokia plays key role developing GSM/EDGE Evolution

okia renewed its commitment to GSM EDGE Evolution. Nokia is actively conducting research, driving industry consensus and standardization to define a successful evolution path.

NOKIA PRESS RELEASE November 30, 2005

Nokia plays key role developing GSM/EDGE Evolution

Most successful mobile technology GSM/EDGE to be further enhanced by GSM/EDGE Evolution
GSM Africa, Cape Town, South Africa – Nokia renewed its commitment to GSM/EDGE (GSM/Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) Evolution. Nokia is actively conducting research, driving industry consensus and standardization to define a successful evolution path.  The focus of the GSM/EDGE Evolution work is especially intent on increasing the voice and data spectral efficiency, capacity, coverage, and data rates as well as enhancing 2G-3G service continuity. EDGE offers 3G data applications within the GSM environment.
"Nokia is committed to further develop GSM/EDGE technologies aiming at enhanced cost efficiencies as well as continuity of efficient single (GSM/EDGE) and multimode (GSM/EDGE/WCDMA) network operations", said  Ari Lehtoranta, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Radio Networks, Networks, Nokia.
GSM today has the by far largest subscriber base in mobile technologies, and continues to grow. Based on the large GSM footprint, EDGE is expected to be the most widely deployed mobile data technology by the end of the decade. GSM/EDGE technologies are extremely cost efficient providing the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in most environments, and will naturally be even more desirable through GSM/EDGE Evolution, making GSM/EDGE the ideal access technology for new growth markets. In addition, GSM/EDGE Evolution will also enhance the service continuity in multimode GSM/EDGE/WCDMA networks.
The first phase of the GSM/EDGE Evolution standardization is expected to be completed by 3GPP in 2006. The first commercial solutions, which will have an easy upgrade path from current networks, are expected to be available starting 2007-2008.
Nokia already has 51 public EDGE references. Currently, according to the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), 57 operators are deploying both WCDMA and EDGE. Nokia supplies either or both technologies to over half of the commercially launched WCDMA/EDGE networks.
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