Sprint to update the Epic 4G to resolve data speeds

Per a post by an administrator on the Sprint official forums, the Samsung Epic 4G may be in for some updates as soon as today for some users. The update is said to resolve some of the 3G/4G speed issues many users have been complaining about. The official post from the administrator goes a little something like this:

Good news – an update will be released tomorrow 9/30.  It will be rolled out over a 4 day period so not everyone will get it on day 1. I will have the standard MR information (fixes included, rollout schedule, etc) available tomorrow morning and will post it in a new featured thread.

Will this please the well over 500 users complaining currently on the forum about the issue? I guess if you are the chosen one  you will find out soon. Let us know how it works out for you.

via [Boy Genius Report]