Apple iPhone gets a price hike in India after increase in import duty

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As the Indian government increased the import duty on mobile phones from 10% to 15% last week, Apple has officially increased the price of its iPhones, including its iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X smartphones that were launched recently. Back in July when GST was implemented, Apple cut iPhone prices by up to Rs. 6,600, iPad prices by up to Rs. 3,900 and Mac rates by up to Rs. 11,800 in the country.

The iPhone SE that is currently assembled in India doesn’t see a price hike. Other models get up to 3.6% or Rs. 3,720 hike. The high-end iPhone X 256GB version now costs Rs. 1,05,720, up from the launch price of Rs. 102,000. This is a marginal price hike which might not affect the users.

Even though Apple sets a standard MRP, some third-party retailers sell the smartphones at cheaper rates. So you can get it online at cheaper even after this price hike. Check out the change in price below.

iPhone Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.) Price hike (Rs.)
iPhone 6S 32GB 40,000 41,550 1,550
iPhone 6S 128GB 49,000 50,660 1,660
iPhone 6S Plus 32GB 49,000 50,740 1,740
iPhone 6S Plus 128GB 58,000 59,860 1,860
iPhone 7 32GB 49,000 50,810 1,810
iPhone 7 128GB 58,000 59,910 1,910
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB 59,000 61,060 2,060
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB 68,000 70,180 2,180
iPhone 8 64GB 64,000  66,120 2,120
iPhone 8 256GB 77,000  79,420 2,420
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB 73,000  75,450 2,450
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB 86,000  88,750 2,750
iPhone X 64GB 89,000  92,430 3,430
iPhone X 256GB 102,000  105,720 3,720

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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