Telus discontinued HTC Hero

Canadian carrier Telus has discontinued the HTC Hero, which is a very popular phone and known as the one of the best Android phones. HTC Hero is around from a long time, and a lot of better devices than Hero are available in market now. But still Hero has its own place in market, and its always a first choice of the guy who is looking for an awesome and sexy entry level Android device. I think it’s not sad for Canadians because they got a lot of other devices like the HTC Desire, HTC Legend, Milestone, and other Android device. If you don’t like Telus action, then you can get the GSM version of Hero from any retailer, and then you can use it on Telus. Well, you can still find it in some Telus stores, but the device is picked up from Telus website and not available for online ordering anymore.

via MobileSyrup