Microsoft holding a press conference in UK, WP7 coming to USA in November ?

On October 11th, Microsoft is holding a press conference in London at 2PM, and the conference will last until 5:30 PM. So why Microsoft is holding it? I think the reason behind it is that Microsoft is may be officially launching the Windows Phone 7 in UK on October 11th. A few rumors were also indicating the same date as a launch. So may be it’s true, but it could be possible that Microsoft is announcing something else, not the thing we are looking for.

Lets talk about USA, we have heard rumors that WP7 will be launch in USA by October. But now, A Microsoft man Paul Thurrott told a very reliable source that they will bring the WP7 to USA on November 8th. First, it was rumored that Microsoft will be launching the WP7 in New York on October 11th, but Paul Thurrott said that the event is not related to Windows Phone 7.  So folks stay tuned with us, we will let you know !

via Engadget