Google Allo to get new chat UI, new camera effects, transcriptions for audio messages and more


Google has rolled out a new update for the Allo app that brings new streamlined UI for setting up solo and group chats, new greetings screen, and adaptive icon. However, an app with the version number 22 teardown by Android Police reveals the features that might be added in the future updates.

The V22 update brings in a new adaptive icon for the Allo app, and the icon now is much cleaner and removed the intermediate shape and the generic white background. So, now you get the core Allo app icon with setting atop the yellow background. If you are new to Allo app, Google now has a nice welcome screen for you with an emphasizes on the group chats. The dinosaur and giant gorilla wearing baseball caps symbolically linking to sports fans.

The update also brings new streamlined U.I for setting up group and solo chats. Earlier, you just had to search for the individual to start a group chat with them immediately or just hit buttons to start a group chat. The new update changes the way it functions for launching a group chat. You now just start by picking people and hit ‘done’ to start a group chat when you’re finished, and if there’s only one person, the app starts a solo chat with them.

However, this feature isn’t available for everyone just yet, though the Allo app version is V22. Another missing feature on some phones is the ‘QR scanner’ function in the navigation drawer, which was used for quickly adding contacts to Allo.

Now for the app teardown features, one most exciting feature that is found to be in testing is the transcriptions of audio messages. Audio messages are cool, but when you are in a silent place or where you can’t turn the volume to listen to the clip, the app will now transcribe these notes into readable text on your screen. This feature is in testing now and will be enabled by default once it goes live.

Another feature that will be added to Allo down the line is the new camera effects. One is Confused, and another is Bollywood Zoom. The confused camera effect adds a plaster a few question marks in the frame when you take a selfie or selfie video clip. As for the Bollywood Zoom, this camera effect will add continuous zoom effect to the subject repeatedly without zooming back out.

You can download and side-load the Allo APK from APKMirror here or just head to PlayStore and install the app. Download the Allo App.