Samsung rolling out Bixby update that will permanently kill Bixby key if disabled

Samsung Bixby India

With the last Bixby update, Samsung rolled an option that will disable the Bixby key from firing up Bixby Home when pressed and now with the latest Samsung is making things more permanent. With the latest update, the Bixby button will no longer even wake up the device if it is disabled.

Before the new update when Bixby is disabled, the Bixby key used to wake up the device when pressed and was acting more like a power button and with the latest update that is no longer the case. The Bixby button does nothing, and it won’t even wake up the device when pressed which is a good thing considering screen was turning on accidentally at times. Bixby button will no longer respond in any way if it is disabled from the Bixby settings.

The latest Bixby update will make Bixby analyses saved contacts so even if you spell out names a little differently, it will still have the ability to make calls. The Bixby updates can be done from the Galaxy Apps on your Galaxy S8, S8+, or Note 8 and check for updates in the My Apps section.