Marvell announces Triple-Core processor for smartphone and tablets

You may have seen dual-core processor which is coming out later this year for smartphones and tablets, but what do you think about tri-core processor? Marvell has announced a tri-core 1.5 GHz SOC (system-on-a-chip), which is made for ultra low power usage, and will give your smartphone and tablet a long battery life. Marvell is now shipping the SOC to manufactures in sample quantities. The SOC is known as Armada 628.

Armada 628 features tw0 1.5 GHz processors, along with one 624 MHz processor, and 1MB of L2 cache. Marvell is saying that the chip can handle 3D graphics and 1080p encoding and decoding. And the chip is powerful enough to hold 4 screens at a time, with a display resolution of 2048 x 2048. All I can say is that it’s a mind blowing masterpiece, and I can’t wait to see tri-cores phones. May be Marvell will launch it officially next year. Head over to Marvell if you want some deep information.