BullGuard Mobile Anti-Virus Review

BullGuard Mobile Anti-Virus


BullGuard Mobile Anti-Virus is developed by the security company BullGuard which also develops other security and utility software such as BullGuard Internet Security, BullGuard Backup and BullGuard SpamFilter.

It is a unique solution developed by BullGuard to fight the viruses, Trojans, worms etc that are now affecting mobile phones just as they were affecting our PCs and laptops. The viruses, Trojans and worms not just increase in quantity but also increase in their types making it difficult to fight against them in order to protect your device.

This is where BullGuard Mobile Anti-Virus steps in and makes sure your mobile phone is up to date in order to fight even the latest and most dangerous threats.


The BullGuard Mobile Anti-Virus require the following OSes (Operating Systems) to run on:

  • Windows Mobile 5 or Newer
  • Symbian S60 v9.x
  • Symbian UIQ v3.x

The space required for installation is also minimal at 4MB. The installation destination can be either on the phone memory or the memory card.


After installation, you have to run the BullGuard Mobile Anti-Virus. Upon launch, you will be prompted to register online on the BullGuard database. You have to give your email id which will also be used as your username. You can register online using your network connection or over Wi-Fi.

After registering, you will have to choose a password. This maybe your own personal password or one that is automatically generated by the application. Once this is done, you will be given access to the application. You can then customise the various settings such as auto-login, access point, launch at start-up, minimise at start-up etc. You can also enable or disable auto-update and also the interval before each auto-update of the application takes place (in hours).


The mobile anti-virus is not just simple and easy to use but offers a wide range of security measures. It not just scans all the local files and folders for threats but also scans any incoming messages, emails, downloads etc. Apart from the scans on incoming items, you may also launch on-demand scans to make sure your device is in perfect safety.

Automatic updates ensure that you always have the latest definitions to fight against the threats. Finally you also have 24/7 tech support in case you face any difficulties or errors.

BullGuard Mobile Anti-Virus acts as a firewall too by blocking the wasteful and unwanted material.

In the on-demand scanning category, you have two options- scan all and scan folder. Scanning all features examines all the fields on your device whether it’s on phone memory or memory card. Scan folder allows you to choose the particular folder which you wish to scan.

You can choose what to do with the threats detected- whether to auto-delete them or to add them to quarantine. The Activity log gives you detailed information on the viruses scanned, found and deleted.

The tech-support team can be contacted using email or chat facilities.Customers are also provided access to online guides and forums.. The FAQ section contains a list of frequently aasked questions and may already contain your question. So it may help to solve your problem more efficiently and effectively in case it does occur.

The User Interface sticks to the basic but by doing so it makes navigation all the more easier. It allows you to access all the features of the application within a few clicks and so is ideal for mobile phones.

The amount of RAM taken up by the application is quite less and it is also not that power hungry. So you don’t have to worry about your mobile phone hanging/lagging or battery going down.


BullGuard Mobile Anti-Virus is a powerful yet lightweight application that makes sure that your phone is protected against any threats whether it is a trojan, worm or any other kind of virus. We think it is among the best out there and that you should definitely give it a try.


The BullGuard Mobile Anti-Virus can be purchased online here at a price of 39.95 US$. You can also download the 14 day trial version from the same link if you wish to see it in action before purchasing it.

Author: Sandeep Sarma

Sandeep Sarma is a blogger and a freelance photographer. Apart from gadgets and phones, he also has a passion for movies and cars. He currently uses the S7 Edge as his main phone. Catch him on twitter at @sandeep9sarma