Lava Mobile Integrates new Indian Rupee Symbol into handset

Lava Mobile tried to reinvent the Keypad layout on a mobile phone by launching a phone with an ABCD keypad. Now they have managed to integrate the new Indian rupee symbol into the keypad. There is a lot of excitement and media frenzy around the new rupee symbol and Lava Mobiles might have done some good for themselves . Would you like a Rupee symbol on your mobile ?

Lava Mobile – the first to incorporate rupee symbol in mobile handset

Lava Mobile, one of the leading mobile brands in India is proud to be the first handset brand to incorporate Rupee Symbol in mobile phones.  It is a matter of pride for India to be the fifth nation having a currency symbol of its own.  Lava, always a leader in consumer insight driven innovations ensured that the Indians did not have to wait too long to have it on their mobile phone keypad.

Lava B5, the latest model from Lava bears the rupee symbol in its keypad.  Incidentally B5 is also the first phone with world’s first Alpha keypad with keys arranged in ABCD order. There was a lot of discussions regarding the time period required to incorporate the “” symbol in computer or mobile keypad. The estimated time varied from 6 months to two years.

“We took this as challenge to ensure that Indians can type “” symbol long before than the anticipated time. Around the occasion of Independence day announcing the incorporation of “” symbol in the mobile keypad will be a tribute from Lava family to the entire nation. The currency symbol on the keypad of their mobiles will make millions of Indian proud. We are happy to be the catalysts of spreading this spirit.” – Said Mr. S.N Rai- Co Founder and Director, Lava Mobile.

This may not be a technological breakthrough for Lava but this definitely is a testimony of the passion to provide value to the user by adopting new concepts. It also shows their commitments to adopt new design, technology and innovation in the shortest possible time.

Author: Team FoneArena

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