Kingston DataTraveler 2000 USB 3.1 drive with Alphanumeric Keypad for PIN protection launched in India

Kingston DataTraveler 2000

Kingston has launched DataTraveler 2000, secure USB 3.1 drive with alphanumeric keypad that locks the drive with a word or number combination, for easy-to-use PIN protection. It also features hardware-based, full-disk AES 256-bit data encryption in XTS mode. Encryption is performed on the drive and no trace of the PIN is left on the system. It is also FIPS 197 certified, to meet a frequently requested corporate IT requirement and has a durable design that protects the drive from everyday elements such as water and dust.

Kingston DataTraveler 2000

Highlights of Kingston DataTraveler 2000

  • Alphanumeric keypad makes it easy to lock your drive
  • Full-disk AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption
  • Can be used on any device with a USB 2.0 or USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) port
  • 16GB,32GB and 64GB capacities
  • FIPS 197 certified

Kingston DataTraveler 2000 is available through both, retail and online stores at an MRP of Rs. 10,000 for 16GB, Rs. 14,000 for 32GB and Rs. 18,000 for 64GB capacities, but you can get them at a cheaper rate on

Commenting on the launch, Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, Kingston Technology India, said:

Kingston DataTraveler 2000 is great for users on the go and who wants to keep their data secured.Users no longer have to worry about their data as it uses DataLock Technology licensed from ClevX, LLC.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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